“Commercial inspection using drones is safer, cheaper and more efficient than traditional method of inspection”

"Commercial inspection using drones is safer, more efficient and can provide better data than more traditional methods"


Commercial inspection using drones to capture data, images and videos, can be used to help your business. Whether we are carrying out wind or solar farm inspections, warehouse inspections, thermography surveys (thermal imaging-based inspections), commercial property roof surveys, or carrying out asset management surveys, Skyball Visuals believe that commercial inspection using drones is safer, cheaper and more efficient than traditional methods of inspection.

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Improved Safety

Why put people in harms way, either working at height or in difficult environments, when unmanned vehicles can be deployed from a safe distance and collect the data required.

Range of Data

The data collected doesn't have to be simple photos or videos. Multispectral and thermal imaging payloads gives insights into your assets that the human eye cannot see.


By cutting down the time it takes to carry out a full asset inspection, whilst not needing to halt operations, leads to greater efficiencies and enhanced output.

Our Services

Commercial Roof Inspection

Using a drone to carry out inspections is faster, more reliable, and safer, particularly when the area to be inspected is up high or in hard to reach places.

Mapping and Monitoring

Unmanned aircrafts can carry out survey work by recording video, photos to create 2D or 3D mapping without having to disrupt your workforce or stopping operations.

Thermographic Inspection

Thermography gives us insights in buildings and assets that the human cannot see, whether we are finding a leak in a roof or a defective electrical component.



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