Know your building,
inside and out.

Commercial buildings need to be maintained regularly to ensure they are running efficiently, are safe to work in, and are not a danger to people or businesses nearby. A commercial roof inspection is arguably one of the most important parts of maintaining your business’ property.

Skyball Visuals use drones when inspecting commercial property so that you can get a view of your building that would otherwise be difficult to get.

building and Commercial Roof inspection services

Roof inspections and surveys

Roof inspection

A commercial roof inspection should be carried out periodically to ensure that there is no visible damage to the roofing materials, cracked skylights, blocked guttering, corroded or leaking pipework, broken ducting, damaged air condition units etc. Prevent costly repair bills by catching issues early.

Internal Inspection

Inspecting the interior of the building is just as important for spotting early signs of damage or corrosion. There are also light fittings and ducting that can be looked at, and even inventory control in hard to reach areas without the need for ladders or cherry pickers.

Drone surveying and mapping

Thermographic Survey

By using a drone with a thermal imaging payload we are able to give you insights into the building which the naked eye cannot see. We can quickly and safely identify air leaks, spot areas of water ingress or delamination, and highlight instances of poor insulation so that you can improve thermal efficiency.

Warehouse Roof Inspection Service

As a warehouse owner, manager, or maintenance professional you have an obligation to ensure the building is kept in great condition. Not only does this keep the people and contents of the building safe, but it can also reduce energy costs and ensure you are not hit with expensive repair bills later down the line.

Skyball Visuals can undertake a warehouse roof inspection using drones, which reduces the need to……read more

Warehouse Roof Drone Inspection

Church Roof Inspection Service

Church roofs are complex structures. They can include valleys and parapets which will hide parts of the roof when viewed from the ground. They might also include a spire or a tower, which can prove difficult to access. The shape of the building is also often complex which means there are usually multiple pitches and elevations. All this combined means that an inspection from the ground is not going to be adequate, but getting up onto the roof poses both a safety risk and the potential to damage what is sometimes brittle materials……read more

Church roof inspection

Why use drones?



Working at height is the main cause of injury or death in the workplace. Why put people in harms way.



Flight mapping and autonomous flying means you can overfly and survey a roof up to 90% quicker.



With different cameras and sensors available we are able to capture higher quality and more useful data.

Proven workflows

Skyball Visuals Ltd use tried and tested workflows to ensure that your property and commercial roof inspection goes smoothly. 

It starts with a remote flight survey and risk assessments to ensure that we can carry out the job without causing a risk to other people or property. We will then seek the required permissions to fly from any local authority such as air traffic control, the police, landowners etc.

We will then plan the flight remotely before visiting you to run through an onsite survey and risk assessment. We will carry out a full flight operation briefing with the involved people and when everybody has agreed to the plan of action we shall launch the aircraft.

Whilst in the air we shall be following pre-determined flight paths and collecting the data you need in the most efficient and timely manner whilst maintaining all of the prescribed safety protocols.