A clearer view
from above.

Mapping and monitoring is an activity that has been made more accessible through the use of drone technology. No longer do you need to rely of satellite images or deploy helicopters to get a full picture of what is below. 

Skyball Visuals deliver mapping and monitoring services to industries such as construction to provide clearer insights into land, assets, stock-piles and much more.


Mapping and monitoring services

Measuring boundaries using drones

2D & 3D Mapping

Measuring boundaries, creating digital elevation models, identifying landmarks, inspecting assets, monitoring progress through time-lapse and more, is made easy by utilising drone based photogrammetry techniques to create orthomosaics and digital twins. Inspect and detect in finer digital detail.

Coastal Erosion

Time based Monitoring

By creating repeatable autonomous flight plans you can monitor the progress of something over time. Whether it is a construction project, coastal erosion, vegetation growth, natural disaster effects, or something else, drones can allow you to clearly see what has happened over time.

Stockpile estimating

Volumetric Measurements

By creating 3D digital twins of your assets we are able to accurately estimate quantities of building materials which will reduce waste and therefore improve efficiencies. It is also a valuable tool for monitoring the use of stockpiles and ensuring delivery loads are correct when they arrive.

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