Looking beyond the visual spectrum with thermography

Wouldn’t it be great if our eyes could see water beneath the surface of a roof, heat dissipating through cracked or damaged building materials, or poorly insulated areas of a commercial structure? A thermographic inspection can help us to do just that.

Skyball Visuals can now give you this insight thanks to our thermographic drone capabilities. We can spot all of these issues and more in just a few minutes of flight.

Thermographic Inspection Using drone technology

Thermographic Survey

Roof inspection

A thermographic inspection of your roof can tell you many things about the condition. Are there leaks? Are there any areas of poor insulation? Is there damage to skylights or ducting? Are there air gaps? By pinpointing these issues you can cut down on repair costs whilst increasing energy efficiency.

Thermal Imaging Solar Inspection

Asset Inspection

Thermal imaging has become a critical part of asset management and maintenance. Subtle differences in temperature can highlight electrical faults. Pipe-line hotspots can identify areas of corrosion. Solar panel anomalies are easily spotted from above cutting out hours of manual inspection work.

Building Survey

It's not just the roof of your building that is responsible for poor energy efficiency. Each surface of a building has the potential to leak warm air, either through poor insulation, thermal bridging or air gaps. A thermographic inspection can quickly and easily highlight issues that can be fixed, saving you money.

use cases for Thermographic Inspection of Assets


Solar Farms & Parks

Fly over acres of solar plant and identify individual cell defects saving £££s in lost revenue each year.


Telcom & Power

Identify damaged components on telco towers or power lines before they fail or cause damage.


Search & Rescue

Find missing people in remote areas quickly or locate survivors in smoke filled buildings before it's too late.

Radiometric Technology

Not all thermal imaging is created equally.

There are a number of thermal imaging solutions on the market today but we believe that if a job is worth doing it is worth doing well, which is why we use cutting edge technology. 

Our thermal imaging sensors are high-resolution radiometric sensors, which means there are 327,680 individual cells behind the lens capturing infrared radiation. Each wave captured is calculated and recorded as a temperature reading that is stored within the image or video metadata, allowing us to measure precise temperatures from the image, even after the event.

If you think you might benefit from a thermographic inspection or survey please contact us, we’ll be happy to discuss your project with you.