More traffic...
less jam!

With more than 40,000,000 vehicles on the road in the UK today there is mounting pressure on local authorities to ease congestion through effective traffic management. Traffic analysis using drones IS the solution.

New housing developments are also popping up all over the country and the construction industry is adopting technology for the planning of roads and local infrastructure. Traffic analysis using drones IS the solution.

We believe that a drone’s eye view is the future of traffic management and road planning. Traffic analysis using drones IS the solution.


Traffic flow insights

Skyball Visuals have partnered with Data From Sky to provide traffic management surveys by utilising drone technology and artificial intelligence.

Comprehensive traffic data gathering and traffic analysis using drones is easier than you think. With TrafficSurvey you can extract a wide range of advanced traffic data, export it in the format you need, and on top of that create customizable visualizations of this data. Be it from ground cameras or drones, with TrafficSurvey you can get turning movement counts, OD matrix data, perform safety analysis, and much, much more. 

Businesses and local authorities appreciate the good value for money of TrafficSurvey while academic institutions can join the Academy program to get free credits for their research.


What can traffic Analysis Using Drones do for you?

Traffic Congestion

Safety Hotspots

Vehicle Types & Flow

Why use data From Sky and Skyball Visuals?


Quality data analysis

Detailed spatiotemporal data for each and every traffic participant in the video. Use the TrafficSurvey Viewer desktop app to extract a wide range of advanced traffic parameters.


Interactive Video Workflow

You can scrutinize each movement frame by frame. You can see everything for yourself.


Your Data

Fully under your control, GDPR compliant, you can download, store or share the dataset as needed. It is yours. Forever.



Recently Data From Sky released FLOW, a super smart real-time, one-traffic framework for all tasks.

Using the visual traffic language, FLOW is a walk in the park and it allows you to create a super smart multi-sensor solution from ordinary video streams. For example, FLOW can be used for parking, retail and safety too. You can learn more in the video below.

Would you like to know more?

Visit Data From Sky to find out more about the solution and to book a demo.